Is Dry Skin Getting The Best Of You?

Do you find your skin constantly getting dehydrated during the day? The answer to your dry skin may be as easy as a quick spritz from a spray bottle. “Misting” is particularly hot right now in the skincare world because it is quick, cheap, and most importantly- it works.

That is, if the mist has the right ingredients.

You are going to want to research the ingredients found in the product you plan on purchasing, depending on what you are using your mist for. Mists are typically composed of liquids aimed to refresh, hydrate, and soothe the skin. However, if a mist is more water-based, then the mist will have a de-hydrating effect once the water evaporates.

Most products are a combination of oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, even SPF, to keep the skin moisturized as well as protected from free radical damage. Additionally, they can be used beneath your moisturizing cream, or periodically throughout the day. Mists can help with skin irritation, and unlike many similar products, the right facial mists will keep pores unclogged. Many forms of facial mists are also used before or after applying makeup to help the makeup set.

More Tips For Treating Dry Skin

Dry skin is something we all have to deal with at one point or another. Depending on your location, genes, and how consistently you care for your skin, dryness can be a particular struggle that has many negative side effects. These side effects may include acne, redness & irritation, peeling, and even scarring. It is such an unfortunate dilemma because properly moisturizing your skin has never been easier!

Here are 3 more ways to make sure your skin stays hydrated throughout the day:

1. Use a humidifier! If you live in a colder, lower-humidity climate, you may want pay attention. These machines, (no matter where you live) will produce amazing benefits for your skin by keeping it hydrated no matter what time of year. Try sleeping with the humidifier on in your room to make sure those harsh winter winds don’t take the moisture away from your skin!

2. As many of us know, dry skin doesn’t exclude your scalp! Dandruff is a condition millions of people suffer from on a daily basis. Some forms of dandruff are triggered by oily skin, however the majority of people with dandruff have it because the air is too dry, and their skin is too sensitive for the climate. There are a range of anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners, but make sure to gently massage these serums into your scalp instead of scratching them in. Being gentle with your hair and scalp may be the factor that maintains the moisture needed to rid your hair of the flakes.

3. Skip on the hot water! In beauty, we know hot water opens your pores and is the ideal temperature for water to be when cleansing. But if your skin is feeling too dry, hot water is simply too much for skin to handle. Using lukewarm water as opposed to scalding hot water will keep a level of hydration within your skin that is usually washed away when hot water is used. So whether you are in the shower, or just washing your hands before dinner, be cautious of how hot the water is so you can treat your skin accordingly.

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