Gaining Confidence for Better Skincare

We all know how it feels to worry or stress over a situation that we feel is beyond our control. Back in school, a big test or even the mere thought of approaching the opposite sex was enough to cause a breakout! Well, stressful situations in your adult life may have similar effects.

This happens because of a hormone within us called hydrocortisone. More popularly known as ‘cortisol’, this steroid hormone is released in response to stress. While this reaction is normal, prolonged, continual stress causes your cortisol levels to become unbalanced – causing free radical damage to run rampant throughout your body. Usually our skin will indicate early that we are over worried, however, if your stress is left unmanaged, the consequences may become far more severe.

The key is confidence. Sure, your diet, and work choices are also very important, but reducing the risk of worry will stop the stress at its root. Confidence is usually the missing element, so we’ve gathered some tips for boosting your confidence to help protect your skin:

Stop Apologizing! 

If you’re wrong, admit you’re wrong, but if you aren’t wrong, then keep the words “I’m sorry” out of your mouth! Over apologizing is the clearest sign of insecurity, so if you’re right, say you’re right and be proud…but not boastful!

Don’t Dwell on Past Failures

Winston Churchill once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” The fear of failing not only hinders your potential and causes you to worry, but it will keep you from trying anything new. Take a chance and don’t be afraid of what will happen…the outcome may surprise you!

Work Out

A trip to the gym is a healthy, natural way to release endorphins and even repair your brain function. You don’t need to be buff, and you don’t need to go all the time; a few visits a week will keep you as proud as a peacock and your mind clear and crisp.

Visualize Your Goals

The hardest part is choosing, but once you decide what you want, you need to try your best to visualize it. Whether it’s a new job, new house, or new spouse, seeing your vision is half the battle and will begin drawing your goal closer to you. The confidence gained by this tip is unmatched.


Smiling doesn’t just have to be a reaction! It can be a cause, too! Not only will you brighten up the people around you, but the physical act of smiling actually lifts your mood. Studies show that when you smile, even if it’s fake, you will feel more safe and relaxed – thus more confident and aware.

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