7 Celebrities Who Don’t Seem To Age

I am addicted to any facial product that’s anti-aging. Right now, I’m using LifeCell.

Viola Davis Age: 51

Age is just a number, as the saying goes. And we are here to let you know that is absolutely correct. Some stars seem way mature while others seem way younger, than they really are. And there’s an entirely different group of celebrities who actually don’t seem to age. We have decided on leading stars and compared their latest images to snapshots from a decade past, as well as the results are shocking. Keep scrolling to see the celebs who might have found the fountain of youth.

Jennifer Aniston Age: 46

The celebrity complexion seems to glow even more than it did during her Pals days–but she insists that it is really because she didn’t go the surgery route. “There’s this pressure in Hollywood to be ageless,” she said in a recent interview with Bobbi Brown. “I believe what I’ve been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they’re doing to themselves. I’m glad to learn from their mistakes.

Jennifer Lopez Age: 45

We believe J. Lo is actually aging backwards. For that, Lopez credits the Tracy Anderson Process, and she makes working out a priority.

Julianne Moore Age: 54

The porcelain-skinned celebrity holds no ruling about the anti-aging procedures of many of her Hollywood peers–but personally favors avoiding radical measures herself. She says she’s been wearing sunscreen frequently since she was 23, which seems to have paid off. Protecting herself from sunlight, Moore has also been seen on the beach, wearing floppy sun hats.

Halle Berry Age: 48
Is it only us, or does Halle Berry have a case of the Benjamin Buttons? Fortunately, the actress is open about her regime. Her anti-aging secret? Women in their own twenties are turning to anti-aging products too soon instead of getting help from aestheticians. She said in a recent interview with Marie Claire UK, divulging that she visits her Facialist at a skin care clinic Kinara four times a year. I haven’t had a need yet for technical creme so I keep it very simple and merely cleanse, tone, and moisturize. She also abstains from sugar whenever possible, calling it “poison.” As for that crazy, still Catwoman- physique that is worthy, Berry exercises using her very own body weight, and relies on cardio, light weights.

Angelina Jolie Age: 40

The actress, director, and honorary dame does not scrimp when it comes to taking care of herself. As a way to keep her glowing visage, she relies on smearing caviar on her face–La
Prairie’s Skin Caviar, that is, which actually does feature fish eggs and runs at $710 a pop. As for her diet, she tried Veganism for some time, only to discover that “it almost killed her”–the nutritional changes weren’t right for her body. (Husband Brad Pitt continues to commit to the lifestyle.)

Sandra Bullock Age: 50
The actress certainly has a rocking body, but her secret to that is great old fashioned hard work: She Is being seen doing Pilates, kick-boxing, and weight-training up to six days per week. And that seventh day isn’t just for remainder, but for indulging– Bullock allots herself one cheat from a more rigorous, healthful diet. As for her glowing complexion, the performer attempts to stay out of the sun, but nonetheless, it also helps that she’s the face.

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