6 Reasons Why You Need To Go On Vacation

We figured you might need a little nudge to ask for the time off, get your things together, and finally go on the vacation you have been wanting to go on. We’ve got science to back us up! Read on to find out what taking a vacation can do for your health!

You will Live Longer

According to a study, people who vacation have a 17% lower risk of death from any cause.

For a Healthy Heart

The same study also found that those who took annual vacations decrease their risk of death from heart disease by 29%!

To Cheer Up

Scientists discovered that the anticipation of vacation increases happiness and leads to a more positive outlook on life for 8 weeks before you even go!

For Happily Ever After

There’s a direct correlation between the frequency of vacations and odds of marital satisfaction!

Increased Productivity

Professionals who went on vacation returned 34% more productive and felt better about their jobs.

Improved Home Life

We know you love spending time with your family, and research shows that 53% of people came back from vacation feeling more reconnected with their family.

Whatever your reasons are for postponing your vacation and putting it off – you can now take that step and finally go knowing you will be improving the quality of your life! Don’t forget to take your LifeCell All-In-One Treatment with you so you can look as radiant as you’ll feel!

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