Transitioning from 40 to 50: How You Should Change Up Your Skin Care Routine

By this time, you’re used to the changes in your skin that occur as you age and you’ve learned to be flexible and adaptable. As you ease into your 50s, a couple milestones are occurring that demand your immediate attention. For one, you’ve probably entered, or been in, menopause. Menopause significantly decreases your estrogen reserve and sets the momentum for more sagging, wrinkling and vulnerability to your skin. Your skin seems a tad drier, you have wrinkles where you haven’t noticed before, your hair is changing to that elegant salt and pepper, and your makeup doesn’t seem to hold on your face like it used to. We’ve put together some sure ways to help you look your best as you effortlessness and gallantly make your way into what we call the Fierce Fifties.

  1. As the days in which your skin cells turnover increase, it’s than important to exfoliate more often than you’re used to, but not every day. This will allow you hold on to the natural oils that are so resourceful for your skin during this time. Since you do want to encourage skin cell turnover, there are other methods you can do to do this. Chemical peels involving alpha hydroxyl acids such as lactic acid and glycolic acids are especially useful.
  2. Your reserves to hold water slow as you age, meaning it’s imperative to lather up on the moisturizer. Consistently hydrating your skin means that you’ll keep the plump youthful glow in your face as well.   Try hydrating twice as much as you have been.
  3. As the wrinkles and crinkles, or the lines of wisdom, make your way on your face it’s never too later to start combatting. The best way to do this without having to go under the knife is through retinol prescription. You can seek your dermatologist for the best treatment option for this. You can also consume more vitamin A to get a diet enhanced dose of the same ingredients retinol uses to combat wrinkles, Vitamin A.   Vitamin A can be found in all of the bright orange and yellow fruits and vegetables such as carrots, kale, tomatoes and other leafy greens.
  4. Wear gray elegantly. The millennials and younger generations are seeking out saloons to get the very hair color that you have been naturally bestowed with. Instead of looking to further dry and dye your stubborn grays, why not learn to wear it with class and style? You can wear different shades of gray by toning it – there are plenty of toners that blondes use that can be used to get certain hues of gray that will best frame your face. There really is a gray and silver for everyone, you just have to find your own. Complete the look with a complimentary cut that will best frame your face.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day, and reapply every two hours that you are exposed. The last thing you want to do is set the route for more wrinkles and more harmful detrimental implications.

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