3 Reasons to Exercise Beside Staying Fit

If you want to shed those unwanted pounds, exercise is the way to go. However, staying slim isn’t your only reason to visit the gym. Exercising regularly will produce astonishing benefits for your mind, body, and even your skin, especially when paired with vitamin supplements!

Brain Function

When parts of your brain are unused, they stop working. Therefore it is important to constantly challenge your brain with new knowledge. Learning a new language, trying something new, or learning an instrument keeps your brain healthy, and active. Additionally, exercise can also improve brain function.

Physical rehabilitation centers have known this for some time, implementing daily exercise into the patients recovery to help reactivate cells in the body and brain. What most experts don’t know is the value of endurance. Endurance exercises such as running longer distances than one “thinks” they can handle will literally repair inactive brain cells. In fact, a combination of stress (yes, stress) and exercise has proven to help stroke victims relearn things such as brain & limb function quicker. This is due to a raised level of neurotrophins – proteins in the brain which promote neuron function.

Neurotrophins are produced from exercise, and they enable surviving neurons to make new connections with different areas of the brain. A moderate amount of exercise each day will produce incredible results for your body, and your brain.

Sleep Aid

Instead of downing sleeping pills each evening to get a good night sleep, why don’t you save your money, liver, and kidneys by just exercising for 30 minutes a day? Regular aerobic exercise will improve the quality of your sleep, give you more vitality, make you less tired during the daytime, and even change your mood. Getting a good night of sleep will help your physical and mental health, so obtaining quality sleep is of utmost importance. But as we know, getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done.

Well now through science, we know that exercise leads to better quality sleep. One study found that for every sedentary hour a person spent during the day, it took them an extra 3 minutes to fall asleep at night, and they only slept a few hours. Whereas the people who exercised during the day were able to fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer. Click here to learn more about how sleeping habits affect your skin.

Heart Repair

Contrary to what many doctors may say, exercise is something vital for those who have a bad heart. Exercise sparks creation of new heart vessels, and for people who have undergone heart failure, exercise has proven extremely beneficial for them.

These benefits are created from the blood vessels and stem cells produced by exercise. Even elders who are over 70 should participate in as much exercise as they can so that they don’t fall into a cycle of continuous muscle, organ, and bone deterioration. Through physical activity, the heart’s arteries and muscles are strained by sending 10x the normal amount of blood to the muscles being used. This releases stem cells to relieve the stress and repair additional damaged parts.

Through continuous exercise, these stem cells help the body adapt to this stress by building new blood vessels and strengthening muscles. But remember, regular exercise is key to maintaining the benefits.

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